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Website Marketing Campaigns

Websites are marketing campaigns, right?  They should be giving (potential) customers the information they need to entice them through the door, right?

Well I read an interesting article on CMS Watch today, which quite fairly talks about the challenges as seen from a consumer perspective when trying to access information, which websites use as a ‘dangling carrot’ to gain that all important Lead information.

Should certain documentation and materials be locked away behind a registration form or equivalent?  Doesn’t this only serve to frustrate the consumer regardless how minimalist the form is?

For those who run websites, conversions are everything, whether that be a sale or the capture of Lead information.  However, should this view point change? Should a website be seen more as a brand awareness tool?

The same debate has been ongoing around banner advertising and paid search for some time.  Whilst click through rates on banner ads are low, the gain is in the exposure of the brand, which indirectly influences.

Therefore, a strategy around open information with well placed calls to action may be a better approach although the bean counters will need to have their expectancy levels set!

Personal Brands

I’m quickly learning that I should follow my gut instincts.  A personal brand i.e. a relationship with an individual generally tends to promote greater trust and credibility than a corporate brand, especially where blogging is concerned.

Of course, some may say that this is old news but it appears that this is not the thinking in many corporations.

A corporate blog has been seen to be the ‘must have’ to be percieved as ‘with it’ and ‘I get it’ during the web 2.0 buzz.  However, as the term web 2.0 begins to fade in favour of more s0cial terminology, I think people will begin to really ‘get it’.

A blog has value only if it develops trust, which commonly only occurs at a personal level.  That’s what being social is about right? What is a corporate blog anyhow?  Is it not just corporate news tailored differently.

What I believe corporations will start to learn and believe is that by providing the platform for their employees to develop their own personal brand (through blogging for example), they will in turn gain trust in the corporate brand, which is essentially the end goal.

There is always going to be a question of how to police these personal brands.  My view would be that in most cases, only a very mild form of policy is needed here in much the same way as most employment contracts talks about who owns the IPR of anything you create whilst you are in a given employment contract.  To mitigate the risk of people bad-mouthing the corporation and therefore damaging the brand at this level, the answer is simple – treat them well, provide the freedoms to further their personal brand and they will repay you in loyalty.

What are your views?

First Post… ever

Ok, so here it goes.  I’m going to start blogging.  I know that I am full of opinions and more recently I have recognised the need for such opinions to be measured and validated to gain credibility.  Therefore, what better way to gain this than through and open discussion.

Having an interest in varied topics of software development and technology ranging from software development methodology, front-end HCI, progamming patterns, programming languages to proper ‘sandals and socks’ geeky Linux tools, I hope that this blog will stimulate some useful discussion or in the least provide a means for me to get some thoughts out to a wider audience.

…right, next job, let’s sort out a decent theme…